Breakfast Menu

Eastbrook Breakfast Special                  $5.99
     Grits or Oatmeal, Two Eggs, Meat, and Toast or Biscuit

Breakfast Platter for Two                      $9.99
     Large Grits or Oatmeal, Four Eggs, Meat, Toast or Biscuit

Eastbrook Pancake Breakfast                $7.99
     Two Pancakes, Grits, Two Eggs, Meat

Country Style Breakfast                        $5.99
     Sliced Ham, Hashbrown, Two Eggs, Toast or Biscuit

Hearty Breakfast Special                       $7.99
     Large Grits or Oatmeal, Three Eggs, Meat, Toast or Biscuit

French Toast Platter                              $7.99
    Two Slices of French Toast, Grits, or Oatmeal, Two Eggs, Meat

Breakfast Sandwich Plate                       $4.99
     Ham, Sausage, or Bacon with Egg, Cheese on Texas Toast
     w/ Hash Browns

Two Eggs                                     $1.99
Grits                                             $2.49
Oatmeal                                       $2.49
Bacon                                          $1.99
Sausage Patty                               $1.99
Smoked Sausage                          $1.99
Hashbrowns                                 $1.99
Biscuit and Gravy                          $2.99
Biscuit and Gravy w/ Sausage       $4.29
Add Cheese                                  $0.50

Coffee                                          $1.65
Hot Tea                                        $1.65
Juice                                            $1.79
Milk                                              $1.79
Soft Drink                                     $1.65